Through our  "Indigo Eats" program we offer  weekly or monthly food delivery to family pets in need. Given our belief in the long-term health and behavior benefits of natural, holistic foods, we offer only freshly-prepared meals for our Indigo pets and healthy, economic recipes and tips for our clients.  

Indigo offers subsidized spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping, and other basic medical support via our veterinary partner network .  Should a pet require more substantive or long-term care we are able to offer full or partial subsidy on a case-by-case basis.

To address behavioral concerns involving one or more pets in the home we offer  subsidized, in-home training sessions with a private trainer from within in our partner network, as well as training materials, referrals, and public workshops.    

In the instance of a temporary loss of housing, be it from natural disaster, eviction, change in financial circumstance, or incarceration, Indigo will provide short-term boarding  and, whenever possible, a foster home for your pet while simultaneously assisting you and your family in finding alternative , pet-friendly housing. 

While our goal is to always keep the pet in the home, should all efforts prove ineffective and it be mutually agreed upon by all that a new home environment would be best , we will find alternative placement for your pet via one of our rescue partners in a foster or newly adoptive home. 

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